Dr. Victoria Sanchez presents Make It Happen, a 3-month coaching program for career-driven women who feel stuck, crave a switch, and need a  strategy plan to make their dreams come true

What is IT that drives your passion?

sales00bHi! My name’s Victoria and I’m here to help successful women like you rediscover their sense of joy and fulfillment.

I often speak with accomplished women working in fields they spent YEARS acquiring accreditation for, only to realize that their day-to-day existence leaves too much to be desired. What is IT that they desire most? Many are too embarrassed or ashamed to say. They think, “I put in all this work to get where I am, and I’m STILL not happy?” They have an idea of what IT is they would rather do for a living, but for one reason or another feel unable put into practice. They desire a certain life path that, at least for now, only exists in their imaginations.

sales01cNow tell me…

  • Do you need emotional support while trying to manage a research or academic position that is making you feel burnt out every day?
  • Are you experiencing the stress of relocating for a new job?
  • Are you tired of just dreaming and wishing for something to happen without making IT a reality?
  • Do you want to start taking courageous, measurable action towards making your career dreams come true?
  • Are you confused about how and where to even begin?
  • Do you crave more success in 2015, defined on your terms?
  • Are you experiencing too much stress and want to feel more joy in your daily life?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, this program is MADE for you!

So now you ask… what is this coaching program even about?

I created this program to teach women in fields related to science, research, and academia how to handle stress, manage their time, work smarter, and find a better work/life balance.  I help like-minded professionals define their unique vision of success, and outline what it will take to achieve that success across all areas of their lives.

Working with a fellow results-driven research scientist will help you define success on your own terms, align your true desires with your day-to-day actions, shift your mindset to live with more self-validation, find the courage to acknowledge what you really want, and (most importantly) release any mental blocks which may be holding you back.

This program is designed for academic women who seek more meaning and freedom.  I aim to help those of you who struggle to turn your desires into a reality, and together, we create an action plan that will move you in your chosen direction.

I know from experience that will leave you feeling burnt out and craving more out of life, so don’t hesitate to reach out for the support you need at this critical stage in your life and career. 3 months of support and accountability might be all you need to completely transform your life emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

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sales04Just imagine how fantastic your life would be if you could… 

  • Understand how to achieve the perfect work/life balance
  • Manage your day-to-day stress more effectively
  • Make decisions that align with your true desires
  • Become more resilient so that you can cope with difficulties and rise above them
  • Experience more joy across all areas of your life
  • Find a balance between having a vision and seizing the moment
  • Readily manage the never-ending bureaucracy of academic institutions and learn how to put yourself first every day

sales02bBy the end of the program, you will…

  • Discover what you truly desire and reimagine how you want to live your life going forward
  • Take appropriate actions to fulfill your needs so you finally start to put yourself first
  • Re-define success in your own terms. Stop looking to others for approval and validation
  • Manage your workload so that you have more free time and don’t get run down
  • Practice a more mindful life by incorporating paradigm shifts and meditative rituals that will lift you up emotionally and spiritually.
  • Find the perfect balance between living in the moment and taking action

about01Why Victoria?

5 years ago I was living in Venezuela, experiencing what I now think of as my first breaking point. I felt completely stuck. I worked at a job that didn’t light me up anymore, and to top it off, the serious relationship I was in had begin to fade – quickly. I spent so much time stuck in traffic, only to come home exhausted, go straight to bed, and repeat it all over again the next day. I truly felt like my life was slipping through my fingers.

There was one thing I knew for sure – there had to be more I could get out of life. I came to the conclusion that it was time to make serious changes in my life’s direction.

If there’s one thing that comes from feeling dissatisfied in life, it’s motivation. I started to ask myself what it was that I needed out of life – what did I desire to be, deep down? What was IT that made me feel like a complete, fulfilled person?

Ever since I studied in the university, I wanted to attend a PhD program abroad. Now finally, after years of uncertainty, I realized I could use that inner momentum to turn my deepest desire into a reality.

8 months later, I found myself living in Germany, having a full scholarship and on-track to obtain my doctoral degree in Natural Science. I look back and know, without a doubt, that it was the right thing to do. Even though I initially felt overwhelmed and confused, following my true desires allowed me to break out of my comfort zone put forth the required effort and determination. When you’re doing something you love, I came to realize, the work doesn’t really feel like work.

Completing my doctoral study in Germany has been a truly fulfilling experience and a major milestone in my life. Of course it was challenging in many ways, but it has also taught me (the hard way) everything I know about time management, goal setting, and achieving the perfect work / life balance. I feel proud to have taken these once-distant goals, and turned them into a reality.

There is nothing more powerful than goals-driven action fueled by heartfelt intentions.

I know without a doubt that when women pursue a life that lights them up, magical things can happen. I can show you how to create a life that is meaningful to you, aligned with your unique goals and aspirations.

sales03bThe finer details:

The program includes:

 1 x 90-minute dream starter session

We will assess where you are now and discuss where you want to be. In this session I will provide you with a strategy overview that will help make those goals a reality.

 12 x 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions

These sessions will take place once a week for 3 months on the telephone via Skype. We will discuss your progress and re-evaluate the next steps you will take towards achieving your ideal life.

I will share with you proven techniques you can practice in your daily life to center your vision, melt away stress, and manage your time in the most effective way possible. I will provide you with accountability each week to help keep your vision of success clear and in focus.

 Ongoing e-mail support.

You will have unlimited access to me via email during the 3-month program to answer questions and keep you focused in-between sessions.

  Access to a private facebook group

You will have the opportunity to share your struggles and successes with like-minded women. The more support you have, the more likely you’ll achieve your vision of success by the end of our time together.


Sign up TODAY to receive FREE bonuses:

 1 x 90-minute intensive consultation session half-way through the program. (Valued at € 200)

  A downloadable resource custom-tailored specifically to you. The resource will contain an overview of your plan and a checklist of action steps to follow. With this guide on hand, you will have the opportunity to stay on track even after the program has finished. (Valued at € 300)

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Program Breakdown:

Month 1: Getting crystal clear  

sales05During the first month we will discuss your current situation and assess which areas of your life will benefit the most from stress management.

As we explore the reasons behind your unhappiness, we will also get crystal clear about what you really want right out of this upcoming year. That is, what YOU want, not what your family, boss, friends, society, etc., would like you to do. We will be thinking outside of what you think you are supposed to do or what you are expected to do. It is your life and I’m here to bridge the gap between where you are and where your dreams can take you!

Most of the blocks that keep us from following our dreams are subconscious. I will help you become more aware of these blocks so that you can consciously release them and transform the stress you are currently experiencing into joy. But before that can happen, I will be helping you reflect on your life and redefine success in your own terms.

Only when you are perfectly clear and honest with yourself can you be successful in your unique way.

Month 2: It’s all about love – creating new habits  

In this month you will develop new habits which nurture your body, mind, soul and spirit. Once you start practicing these important habits, you will feel more balanced and practice more self-love.

Since you will be incorporating new rituals and habits to replace some old damaging ones, you can expect this month to be the most challenging. We will focus on de-stressing your work life, maintaining your physical health, getting in touch with your inner child, and establishing a relationship with your higher self.

Although it will be difficult, you will have my support the whole way, giving you the strength and accountability to follow through. During this time you may already experience some unexpected little positive shifts or “magical” situations due to your work on yourself. Expect miracles!

Together, we will set new rituals and habits that you will apply for at least 21 days. .

Month 3: Kickstarter Plan + Action  

In this month we will work on setting specific goals for the months ahead. This action plan will be based on your desires and the successes you want to experience in the next 1-5 years.

We will work together to develop a specific action plan designed to make IT happen, and we will work on creating a support system around you so that you follow through with your intentions. You will start taking constant, goal-oriented action, one step at a time.

During this month, you will become unapologetic about your desires and take courageous action to make them happen.

You will also leave the program with a flash-forward plan that will help guide you for the next 6 months. This flash forward plan will help you stay on track, even after the program is over.

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This program is NOT for you if:

 You aren’t willing to stretch out of your comfort zone

 You tend to focus on the negative side of things

 You often blame other people for your problems

 You aren’t committed to achieving the life you’ve been dreaming of

 You’re not willing put in the time and effort to make great things happen

This program IS for you if:

 You are willing to transform your life for better

 You want to de-stress and feel more joy

 You are open to change and personal development

 You know that you are responsible for the way you experience life and that you can shift your perceptions

 You know deep inside that you can feel better and improve the way you live, but feel stuck

 You need support from someone outside your circle who can help broaden your perspective, understand you as you are NOW, and guide you from a neutral position

 You are ready to say YES to yourself and the desires of your heart.

The investment:

Full Price: € 1.497

Introductory rate if you sign up TODAY: € 1.197 paid in full OR € 440 per month for 3 months

Limited space available!



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What others are saying:

 “I was lost before the program, but after first few sessions, I felt like I knew where I wanted to go, and I started to stir around my work according my plans, instead of work stirring my life for me. 

Victoria has a lot of patience and understanding, even though we are almost the same age, she is definitely older in her wisdom. She doesn’t force you to do something; she just does what she has to do: which is to guide you.
Even though you have friends with whom you can talk about your work and problems, you don’t really know if their advise is biased or useful for you. Victoria’s experience definitely will help you and I would recommend anyone who wants to find more meaning in their work and gain clarity around their next steps forward”
Shruti Desai  ⁄  Neuroscientist

sales06Your next steps:

1. Click “Apply NOW” and follow the instructions to register

2. Fill out and submit the application form

3. Keep an eye on your email, you will be contacted to schedule a free discovery session to find out if this program is right for you*

* Scheduling a free discovery session does not obligate you to enroll in the program. There’s nothing to lose, go ahead and get a free discovery session now.

Say YES to yourself!

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Interested in a single session to see if you like working with me?

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