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I’m in the process of writing my “About” page and was trying to define myself for you to know me better and this came to mind:


I’m a scientist.


I’m a Coach.


I’m a daughter.


I’m a sister.


I’m an aunt (to the cutest babies ever ;) )


I’m a friend.


I’m a woman.


Sometimes I’m my ego (and try to detach from it when I realize it :) )


I’m you. I’m them.


But ultimately, I am light and I am LOVE….And so are YOU.


As I write this, I’m sending you SO much love. And my wish for you is that you’re absolutely happy with your life and that you continue to create more of what you want.


Right now, I’m making myself visible for the sensitive, visionary, creative women who need a Coach and are ready to uplevel their lives.


Are you one of them?


Let’s get on the phone and talk about it. You’ll get a free Lifestyle and Productivity Assessment. So if you want it, just let me know by CLICKING HERE to request a Free 45-minute session with me, which I’ve called “Diamond Sparkle”. Once you’ve requested it HERE, I’ll get back to you to schedule it right away.



Much love,


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Hi, I'm Victoria and I'm glad that you're here and enjoy the content on this website. I'm a biologist, flamenco dancer and spiritual coach. If you are interested in any of these topics, would like to work with me or just want to say "hi", send an email to hello@drvictoriasanchez.com.

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