Starting your own business when you have a good enough day job

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How to overcome fear when starting your own business

The other day I was having a conversation with someone about starting your own business and one of them asked me the following question:

“How do you overcome the fear of leaving a safe salary in order to jump into the adventure of starting your own business, especially if you have children and your salary accounts for 50% of the family income?”

This is such a great question! And it’s inspired me to talk to you today about faith.

When you’re transitioning from a day job into starting your own business, things can get very, very scary. And fear can keep you stuck for many months, years, and even decades – especially if your job is not totally unbearable.

You may tell yourself it’s “not so bad” or it’s ok to stay there because of the “security”. Even though your heart wants to do something else, your head tells you to stay where you are.

This is where faith comes in.

Faith to me is the ability to believe. It’s having a “knowing” or a feeling of certainty about something regardless of the external circumstances. It’s all about trust – in yourself, in others, and in God or the Universe or whatever your higher power may be.

Because when you believe that this higher power has your back and that everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to, that’s when you can break through the fear and make the leap you so desire to make.

As John Burroughs said, “Leap and the net will appear”.

That’s faith.

I want to share a little story with you about my own faith and how it’s impacted my journey.

About three years ago, I was a student and I knew I really wanted to start my own business and make an impact in the world.

I came across an online course that I really wanted to do. I was convinced that it was going to help me in my journey and that I was going to learn a lot from it. I felt very called to it intuitively. I had a feeling of knowing that it was the right next step for me.

But the cost was $2000.

I was living off of €1000/month at the time, so that was really a lot of money for me then!

But the desire to do this program was so strong that even though people around me told me it was crazy and I didn’t need it, I knew it was right for me.

So I did it. I took advantage of the payment plan that was offered and I decided I would have to cut off a lot of costs, maybe not so much going out to eat, saving money on food and whatever else…

It felt like I was going to be completely broke for the entire duration of the payment plan, but then the most amazing thing happened.

Within a very short period of time (I think it was about three weeks), I got all of that money back and more.

It was totally unexpected but I very quickly received around three times what I actually needed. It was a miracle of manifestation!

I didn’t have to worry about being broke, I didn’t have to stop eating, I could just continue to live happily and keep my needs met and still do the course (which, by the way, was just as amazing as I thought it would be!).

These kinds of things do happen. Maybe not in this exact same way, but when you make a decision and you decide to jump into the adventure and you have a strong faith and trust in your higher power, you can’t go wrong.

Of course it’s not just wishing and praying – you still have to have a plan. You need to talk to specialists and you need a mentor to guide you through your journey. You need action steps and strategy and market research and all of that…

But those are the practicalities. The most important thing is that you keep your faith strong. And you can practice this every day.

In fact, I challenge you to do just that. For the next seven days, do something each and every day to strengthen your faith. When situations arise for you, whether they’re simple everyday decisions or bigger life events, practice being unattached to the outcome. Practice trusting that things will work out for the better and notice how that feels to you.

And of course I am available for you!

If you’ve been on the fence about leaving your day job and starting your own business, I can help you.

Please schedule a complimentary call with me. We’ll get on the phone and work together to develop your plan to exit your 9-5. This first session is my gift to you so all you need to do is to click on the button below. And if (and only if!) it’s a good fit, I’ll also extend an offer to you to join my VIP program that takes you straight from employee to business babe so you can start your own business and leave your day job within 3 months!


In the meantime, keep your faith and I love you very much.


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