Starting a Business: 3 Common Blocks and How to Overcome Them

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Starting a Business: 3 Common Blocks and How to Overcome Them

I wanted to share some insights with you today from conversations I’ve been having with women around the world who want to start a business and leave their day jobs.

I created this video for you to share my thoughts on some of the issues that keep coming up in all my conversations (and then keep reading below for more!):

I’ve spoken with women from around the world who want to make this transition from the 9-5 into starting a business of their own. They’re all amazing women with a great potential to express and with a burning desire for more meaning, freedom and abundance instead of building someone else’s dream.

And regardless of their backgrounds they all have the same 3 blocks:

Time, Money, and Fear

In fact, these three blocks are so common and so consistent regardless of circumstance, that I wanted to address them with you here today. Here are my responses:

When you don’t have time…

Here’s the thing: we ALWAYS have time for the stuff that’s important. Because if it’s really important, we’ll MAKE time for it.

So what you’re really saying when you say that you don’t have time is that it is not a top priority for you.

If you’re really committed to your success and really wanna leave your job and start your own business, you WILL make the time for it. As simple as that.

So, are you making time for your priorities?? Stop procrastinating and spending time in the activities that aren’t aligned with your priorities, and start making time for the stuff that’s really important to YOU (like building your business)!

When you don’t have money…

Again, the truth is that when we really want something, we find the means to get it. So, if you’re reluctant in investing in yourself, you’re blocking your own growth and development.

Your dream is worth it, you are worth it. Get the support you need to make it happen, whether it’s a mentor, a coach, resources, an assistant, etc., and realize that it is an investment that will allow you to get results.

Don’t be afraid about investing, because if you have the desire and the intention to live your purpose and to take the necessary steps, the money will be available to you. If you find yourself stuck with a feeling of lack of money, see it as an invitation to think creatively and ask yourself, how can I support myself to make this happen??

When you’re full of fear…

If you’re questioning yourself, your abilities, whether anyone will ever pay you to do what you really WANT to do, how you could ever walk away from your paycheck, what your family will think, etc, this message is for you:

You do NOT need any validation from ANYONE. The only opinion that truly matters is YOURS.

Then, also know that what you do IS valuable, and that there are tons of people looking for what you’re offering and who would gladly pay you for your services because you’ll help them solve a problem they have.

And if you’re afraid of the “security” of a job, ask yourself what is that gonna cost you??? your happiness, your health….. how much are you willing to sacrifice and for how much longer?

Think of a time in your life when you felt the same way, scared to make a life change and now look back and realized how everything turned out to be, realize that it’ll be fine.

A year from now you’ll be glad you didn’t give up your dream!

Shine your light bright…..because diamonds deserve to shine!

Much love,


P.S. If you’re ready to leave your 9-5 but time, money and/or fear are keeping you from starting your own business, let’s talk! Because I’m on a mission of helping more amazing visionary and sensitive women start a soul-centered business instead of wasting their awesomeness in a day job that has become uninspiring and stressing.

Are you the next one?


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