Self-confidence vs God-confidence

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Self-confidence vs God-confidence


We hear a lot about self-confidence and how important it is, but we don’t hear much about God-confidence, do we?


And it is SO important. Why? Because while self-confidence it’s great, if you only rely on it, you’d be limited. Whereas there’s no limit when you recognize and rely on something bigger. God-confidence goes way beyond. It’s basically faith and trust in a power greater than you, call it God, Universe, Creator, Source, etc., however you want to call it, it really doesn’t matter.

What matters is the feeling of it.


It is great to have self-confidence. We learn to cultivate it and to become more and more confident. However, it is nothing compared to God-confidence. What I mean by this is that, yes, you can trust yourself and know that you are great….because you are ;)  You have awesome natural talents mixed with a bunch of skills you’ve acquired during your life. You trust in the person you are today, the kind of results you can deliver based on your previous experiences and knowledge. You may be a determined person and know you can achieve anything you decide to do. But, as I said, if you only rely on your self-confidence you will always be somewhat limited. Of course, you may be able to achieve great goals, however, there’s much more than that.



There’s something magical that happens when we surrender our own control while keeping a strong sense of faith. That’s when miracles happen, or should I say, when we see them, because they’re happening all the time.


So, what does it mean to be God-confident?

Well, it means that you live from a base of trust and faith, that you move through life with a sense of not only believing but knowing that everything always works out for the best, that you are protected, that you are blessed, that you really do not need to worry…at all.


If we’re only self-confident all the time, maybe the ego could take control. With God-confidence, it is so much more fun, because it’s like a game where you just let yourself be surprised by life. Knowing that everything is perfect right now, that whatever you desire may be on its way and that things always work out according to divine orchestrating for the highest good. Worrying becomes irrelevant and useless when you live with God-confidence.


This doesn’t mean that you should be completely passive and do nothing. But do your human part and then let it go.

You can cultivate God-confidence and live with a good mixture of both :)


How do we cultivate God-confidence?

Simple, pay attention and every time you feel relying too much on your own strength, wanting to control things and outcomes (basically being a control freak) or worrying too much, stop it right there and set the intention to give it to God. You can even say it out loud to let it sink in. Breathe. It may feel hard to let go of it because you’re at a vibration that is not aligned with God-confidence at that moment, but only the fact of having your intention to shift is more than enough until you actually shift your vibration. So, simply declare that you allow God to take over. Know that you’ve done your human part and then relax and expect to receive. It’s like sending a letter per mail. You write it, go to the post, let go of it and that’s it, then you move on with your life and know it’ll arrive.


There are self-confident people and God-confident people. Which one are you?


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