Seeds of Desire

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Seeds of Desire











“Seeds of desire….inherent in having the desire is the ability to fulfil it…….At the deepest level, desire is the seed for thousands of manifestations”


Came across a video from Deepak Chopra talking about desire and destiny and I wanted to share with you that insight about seeds of desire.


What do you desire right now? And can you look at the desire as a seed that ALREADY holds the potential of becoming?


Instead of trying and making huge efforts to make it happen, just allow the desire to unfold
its own potential of manifesting into tangible reality.


The seed is not struggling and trying. 



The seed just naturally grows into the tree. 



In the same way, the desires of your soul bring along the possibility of coming true.


Don’t force them, just nurture them. 



I hope this inspires you and adds value to your day!

Much love,

p.s. Let me know your own comments and insights about this topic below.

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Here’s the link in case you want to watch Deepak’s video


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