Rough Day? How to Find Comfort When All Feels Lost

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Having a rough day - how to find comfort

When you’re having a rough day…

You know when you have one of those days where everything just seems to go wrong, you get frustrated and angry, you just wanna cry and there’s no affirmation/meditation or positive attitude that’ll help? I was having one of those recently. It was a really rough day!

And once I could get over it and shift my energy, I felt inspired to share with you a message about what to do when you’re having a rough day.

Allow yourself to be angry and frustrated

First of all, you have to know that when you’re having a rough day, the more you try to change it the more frustrating it’ll get. And you can go as far down the negativity spiral as you want. So, instead of resisting it, give yourself the permission to feel those feelings.

I know that as sensitive people with a positive outlook on life who are always into personal growth and development, we have a tendency to overlook those feelings because we wanna keep our vibes high and stay positive.

But the truth is that we’re having a human experience and we’re allowed to have a rough day sometimes! We’re here on this earth to experience the whole spectrum of feelings and it is totally ok to be angry, sad, etc., just don’t stay there forever.

Life is not so much about being happy all the time – it’s about learning to come back to our center faster when we do have a rough day.

Stop trying to control the outcome

After you’ve given yourself the chance to feel what you’re actually feeling, then let go of the outcome. I can guarantee that the root of the problem has to do with you trying to control the outcome of the situation. Things are not going as expected. You want something to develop, or someone to act, in a certain way.

For whatever reason, your day is not going as you had envisioned and if you’re not willing to go with the flow, you’ll get very frustrated. So, release the need to control right now and remember to “let go and let God” (which goes in line with last week’s post)

Evaluate the situation. What’s the real problem underneath?

Then, ask yourself what’s the underlying issue. On the surface it may have seemed like something trivial triggered your negativity and made you explode. There’s something else actually causing it, there’s always a deeper cause. Once you’ve identified what the real problem is you can address in an assertive way and from an empowered position, only after you’ve shifted your energy and gotten out of the victim role.

Every now and then, we all have a rough day, that’s ok, it happens. BUT, if you find yourself having too many of those too frequently, then it’s time for you to make some important decisions and life changes. Because it’s an indication that a part of you is calling out for attention and something has to change.

Remember that, as Eckhart Tolle says in his book The Power Of Now,

“…if you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally.”

If your current situation has come to the point where you can no longer tolerate it and you find yourself unable to accept it, then change it! You get to decide and you have the power to change your situation.

If the change you want is to start your own business and leave your job, let’s talk! Because I’m on a mission of helping more amazing visionary and sensitive women start a soul-centered business instead of wasting their awesomeness in a day job that has become uninspiring and stressing.

Are you the next one?

Much love,


p.s. What do you do when you have a rough day?? Do you have any tips to recommend? Share them in the comments! And help me spread the love by sharing this with your friends, you might help one of them shift their day!

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