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Katherine Calnan

Katherine Calnan
“I had never had a personal coach before so I was hesitant about how this could be helpful to my life. I’ve always struggling with having enough time and I didn’t know how this work would translate for me personally.
Since working with Victoria, I’ve learned to utilize the resources that are around me and to make time for things which are important to me and still achieve what I want for my personal business. I have also realized a huge increase in confidence over the services I provide as a photographer and have been able to charge what my work is worth.

I would most definitely recommend Victoria to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life whether it be their career, change of career, personal life or pursuit of happiness. Victoria is able to provide inspiring, motivating and insightful feedback and advice. She is refreshing in her perspective and has so many great ideas to help you get closer to your goals and dreams!

Victoria has helped me focus the path of my creative service and cleared the way for me to reach my potential as an artist and a business woman. She has a logical and positive outside perspective. It was refreshing, honest and motivating.

Thank you Victoria for all the time you spent with me. I am truly blessed to have your guidance part of my business, creative endeavors and personal goals.”


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Jessica Nazarali


“Victoria is a wonderful coach and pleasure to work with.”

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Shruti Desai


Even though you have friends with whom you can talk about your work and problems, you don’t really know if their advise is biased or useful for you. Victoria’s experience definitely will help you and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to find more meaning in their work and gain clarity around their next steps forward!

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Marcella Birke


“With her natural and positive charisma she is a living example of how you can really live your life in balance and achieve your goals. Down to earth and pragmatic, respectful and passionate, focused and motivated this young woman is about to make way to new professionals who want and more importantly can have it all, an exhilarating professional career, a healthy body, a healthy mind and happy relationships..and be happy and zen at the same time!”

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Alejandro López


“Overall, Victoria has come as an inspiration for those surrounding her; as an example of how to successfully deal with a life full of commitments, overcome problems without facing down and still always manages to have a smile for you.”


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Rosana Naveda
Marketing specialist

“Victoria has always shown to be an outstanding and brilliant woman. She is a beautiful human being who has a special ability to cheer you up even when you are feeling discouraged.”

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Leonardo Navas
Foreign trade specialist

“A very charismatic and eloquent woman, so full of life and energy she’ll make you feel inspired!”

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Vanessa Urdaneta

“Victoria is a down-to-earth and determined person who goes for her dreams. She accomplishes her goals and is always willing to share with others what she has learned from her own experiences. She is passionate and kind and encourages you to find your own way.”


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