How to live in balance and feel joyful – Part III

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Feed your soul!


Feed your soul

The soul is related to a deeper self, the essence and eternal aspect of your being. 

Honouring your soul means keeping true to yourself, to who you really are, understanding your emotions, believing in your own potential, expressing it and doing those things that really fulfill you and give you a feeling of peace. 

This might be letting your creativity flow, practicing hobbies, engaging yourself in activities that make you feel good, surrounding yourself with people to whom you can connect at a deeper level or even just giving yourself permission to be a bit childish every once in a while. 

It can also mean living from a place of love in which you appreciate the life in everything, identify the light in those around you, acknowledge the universal connection between everything and everyone and understand that there is divine order in our lives. Simply become love to honor your soul.

So, what action can you take today to feed your soul?


Practical Tips:

1. Hobbies. If you are not practicing a hobby, start now. Maybe you have friends with a common hobby and can practice it together. Decide which hobby you want to practice, plan it and do it.

2. Laugh. Incorporate more humor in your life. Watch comedy, joke around and be a little bit silly. Laugh as much as you can. Laughter is not only a powerful way to feel great and relaxed but also an excellent medicine as it can reduce pain and help strengthen the immune system.

3. Friends. Spend quality time with your friends, be fully present. Plan fun activities to do together. Share what you have in common. Keep in touch and let them know how much you love them. 

4. Dance!. This is one of my favorites :) Whatever type of music you like to dance to, dance as if no one is watching you. Really feel the music in your body and let it move you to the beat.

5. Art & culture. Go to the theater, museum, etc. Immerse yourself in some kind of artistic experience, even better explore your own creativity. For example, paint, compose, craft, play an instrument, etc. Check out the itinerary of your local theater, museum, etc., and plan what you would like to attend in the next month.

Be playful

Now, think about it for a minute and decide what you can do this week to feed your soul. 

Maybe you put into practice one of the tips above or maybe after reading this you feel inspired and come up with some other way to feed your soul. Whatever works for you and makes you feel alive and excited, do it today because life is NOW.

Tell me about it in the comments below:
– After reading this, what do you plan to do this week to feed your soul?
– Do you have another “practical tip” to feed your soul? If so, what is it? I would love to know! 

Have a good time

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