How to live in balance and feel joyful – Part I

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We all want to feel at peace and in harmony!

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For that, we need to acknowledge that we are integral beings comprised of mind, body, soul and spirit.

The way our lives develop and manifest is a result of the quality of these 4 aspects. To maintain a life in balance we must become aware of this and consciously work on each area on a regular basis. 

It is very easy to lose our centre, so we need to engage in practices and habits that help us keep our point of balance. 

When we live in harmony we become conscious creators of our life and feel more joyful!

Start by applying the following principles to cultivate your mind.

Cultivate your mind

I have seen that, in most of the cases, it  is the mind that prevails over the rest. Many of us are usually more focused on work and activities of the daily routine. That often leads us to be in automatic mode with the same thoughts repeating in our heads over and again without us realizing it. Even worse, not being fully present in the moment but rather constantly in either the past or the future. This is very damaging because those thoughts tend to be destructive as our lives become what we mostly think of. By improving this alone you can experience a great deal of positive changes. The mind has its place in life, and an important one. If we remember that and do not let it take over, then there is room for our other selves. The mind is time-bound and should lead for those activities that require a practical, time-based, focused, task-oriented approach. It needs to be trained by creating new time habits and developing new challenging skills to achieve the tasks at hand. It is very important attitude to always search for new ways to improve our performance.

Practical Tips:

1. Read & Learn.  Always have a book to read, and read every day. If you do not have the habit of reading, make time in your agenda and schedule it until it becomes natural. Alternatively, you can dedicate some time every day to watch videos or research articles on any topic you want to understand or learn more about. It will help you sharpen your mind.

2. Write. Composing is also a great exercise for the mind. If your work involves writing, make the most of it and keep improving the depth of your pieces. If not, then start writing on your own. Whether it is a personal journal, mind maps, lists, a blog or even for a book you might want to publish, just write as it will help you be more efficient with your tasks. 

3. Establish your vision and goals. We don’t often realize we are working on goals we don’t really own. Getting clear about what YOU want to achieve will set the direction of your actions and decisions, keep you motivated and it is the first step to actually accomplish them. Write them down and read them every day. They will be changing over time and that is OK but maintain the eyes on the prize and know when the drivers are your own or external.

4. Be more productive. Trying to get more done in less time in an effective approach, it will make you use your logic and organizational skills to find better ways to manage your time and resources. Use your calendar to plan your day in advance, your life. Schedule your activities and always respect your schedule. Time is precious and sometimes we need to be reminded of that. Check out this book for tools to get your work load and tasks under control.  

These simple yet powerful actions will help you shift your mindset. Remember that it is through small changes that great transformations occur.     

Now, I want to hear from you! 

Apply any of these practical tips in your life and let me know in the comments below how it helped.

Also, I have some questions for you:

- Do you ever feel your mind out of balance?

- Do you ever feel dominated by your mind?

-  And do you have any “practical tip” that usually helps you? Share it in the comments!



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