Is this common fear getting in your way?

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Announcement time…

I have a new team member!

I’ve been wanting (and needing!) to hire a VA (i.e. Virtual Assistant) for a long time now, and I’m so happy to say that it’s finally happened.

My new VA’s name is Tami and she’s so much more than a VA – she’s my right-hand person and team Superstar! I’m really excited to be working together and thrilled to have taken this important step in my business evolution.

That being said, the whole process of finding someone great and bringing a new person onboard is not exactly easy…

Which is why I wanted to take some time today to remind you about the importance of OUTSOURCING.

Sometimes we want to do too much. We get obsessed with multitasking and we want to control everything. Not only is that a sure way to lead ourselves to burnout sooner or later but it’s also not the best way to be successful.

Because the truth is: you don’t need to do everything yourself. On the contrary, when you’re able to take the tasks you’re not so good at and delegate them to someone with the right skill set to handle them, that’s when you’ll finally be able to focus on the things you’re truly great at and that only you can do.

And while it’s not always easy to delegate, once you make the leap you’ll find it’s a far better use of your time and attention (two very valuable and limited resources).

So, what if you started outsourcing?

What could you start outsourcing right away this month? Do you need help cleaning the house? Do you need a personal assistant? Something else? Think about it and start outsourcing something small. You’ll be so happy to get support!

And then post a comment here and let me know what you think – I want to know what you decide!

I know that making a decision like that can be scary, because of thoughts like “but why spend more money if I can do X or Y myself?”. Or “I’ll do that when I’m ready, and I’ll only be ready when X or Y…”. But that’s the kind of thinking that’ll keep you from growing.

We have to take risks and make decisions before we’re actually ready, because being “ready” to do something is most of the time just fear in disguise – and fear can keep us blocked and paralyzed unless we do things in spite of it.

So I invite you to also think about what you can start doing even though you don’t feel “ready”. It doesn’t have to be outsourcing, it can be anything else.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this as well!

And if starting your own business and creating a strategy plan to exit your 9-to-5 day job is something you REALLY want but don’t feel “ready” or you simply don’t know how, I invite you to get a complimentary strategy session with me right now.


And please share the link with anyone you know who wants that too – it’ll be a great gift!

Much love,


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