How to Start Doing What You Really Want To Do

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I hear people talk about their wishes and desires.

They tell about life changes they would like to make….some day. They know what it is, they know what they want and they’re very passionate about it. However, they keep postponing it. They keep putting it off for later on. And I understand, it’s scary! We tend to prefer to stay in our comfort zones, in that which is known, to stay “safe”.

So, many excuses come up to rationalize the fear:
“it’s not the right time”,
“I need more money for that”,
“I don’t have enough time”,
“first I need to get a certificate and do an XYZ course”,
“maybe next year”,

Well, guess what? Next year you’ll have new excuses! Next year won’t be “good timing” either.

There will ALWAYS be more urgent things in your life or issues that seem to be more important and they’ll keep distracting you from your true calling, if you allow it.

There’s nothing more important than that calling you know you have inside. We all have one, we all came with a purpose. It’s something only you can do and that is for a higher good.

So, how do you go for it?

1. The first thing you need to do is to get out of your own way.

Recognize the fears you have that are holding you back. What can happen if you go for it? Write down those limiting beliefs, change them to positive statements and read them daily or as often as you can. For example if you have a limiting belief that “if I do it, my family and friends will criticize me, won’t like me anymore, will think I’m crazy or won’t support me”, that’s probably an assumption you’re making that might not even be true, the people who really love you will support you in your decisions when you follow your heart.

You can transform that limiting belief to a statement like “I’m fully supported by my family and friends”. This exercise will help you program yourself to act differently and in the direction of what you really want to do.

2. Then stop making excuses.

Ask yourself: “why haven’t I done this already?” You’ll start coming up with all the reasons, which are actually all the excuses you tell yourself to convince you why you can’t do it right now. I mentioned some examples above, like “it’s not the right time”, “first, I have to XYZ, and then I can…”, “but I need XYZ to be able to do that”.

Every time you catch yourself making up such excuses, stop it and open your mind to think creatively and come up with new ideas and ways to do what you want.

3. Start where you are and before you feel “ready”.

Do not wait to start something until you feel “ready” because that day might never come. This goes in line with point n° 2 because all the excuses you make will keep you feeling like you’re just not ready yet. So, start before you feel ready and start where you are, meaning that you can find a way to start working on your dream with the resources you have available today and exactly with everything in your life as it is right now.

Be resourceful. Find a way that you can start making the impact you want to make, even if it’s at a small scale. You’ll grow over time but you have to start somewhere. Find ways to make that kind of impact on one person around you, and then the next one and the next one.

As you focus on your purpose and the change you wanna make and actually engage in an activity to do so, you’ll gain much more clarity and the path will start revealing itself before your eyes.

4. Think of your legacy.

Ask yourself: “If I were to die next month, what do I want to leave?”.

This may seem to extreme, but it works, it’ll give you a sense of urgency to what you really really want to do in the world. If you had such little time left, I bet you’ll start making some radical changes to how you’re spending your time, how your living and what your daily life looks like. You’ll start creating something of service, something that can really make a difference in the world, making a positive impact and following your calling and life purpose, at the same time that you’ll enjoy your life more and have much more fun.

If you’re confused about what you really want to do with your life, this will help you get clear. You have a unique mixture of skills, life experiences, desires, talents and resources that allow you to do something that only you can do. How will you use your uniqueness and awesomeness? What do you want to be remembered by when you’re gone?

5. Commit to it daily. Little steps consistently go a long way.

If you commit as little as 1 hour per day to that thing you really want to do, I can guarantee you that quickly you will have made great progress. It won’t take you that much time. As you do small activities day after day that are aligned with your life purpose, you’ll receive support to grow more and more, you’ll be supported in ways you cannot anticipate right now, when you’re actually doing it, and as I mentioned before, you’ll gain more clarity about the immediate next step instead of trying to figure everything out in your mind before you even start.

Can you dedicate 1 hour per day to your purpose and doing that thing you’re passionate about?

6. Find your support group.

We are social beings, and we need support and community. Find a community of like-minded people that can understand you and are also on a similar path for themselves. Meet with them regularly, you’ll uplift each other and this will help you to stay motivated and make progress.

You can find many communities online, but it’ll be even better if you have a group of people you can meet with in person. For example, for me it’s been amazing to start a co-working group locally with friends who are on their own entrepreneurial venture and we support each other. Think of ways you can do something similar if you’re not already doing so.

And if you want to join a beautiful online community, I invite you to consider joining my closed Facebook group “Employee to Business Babe – Exit your 9 to 5 #employeetobusinessbabe”. I do daily angel card readings for everyone in the group, we do challenges that help the members make progress with their own projects, we pair people up with accountability buddies and with partners to practice their services with each other and gain confidence.

Now, tell me in the comments: Can you commit to your purpose and dedicate to it 1 hour daily? What small action will you do every day?

Much love,


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