Happy Dance – Reggaeton

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I love me some Reggaeton!


This is what you’ll find me doing when I’m not working as a scientist, coaching clients or working on growing my coaching business….you’ll find me being silly like this hahaha :D

Dancing reggaeton is one of my favorite things to do!

This one is “sigueme y the sigo” by Daddy Yankee, (I LOVE Daddy Yankee!).

It’s so amazing how listening to this alone automatically changes my mood! A short 3-min song will get me super energized.

Oh and Wanna know a something funny?

I secretly (well, not so secret anymore) wish that Daddy Yankee himself would personally call me and invite me to go on tour with him and dance on stage with his professional dancers.

Talk about dreaming huh?! Hahaha

I’m sharing this with you because I always talk about self-expression and how you need to express yourself because then you feel pure joy!

That’s what my message is all about, feeling more joy on a daily basis and finding new ways to do so.

Dancing is definitely a great way to express yourself and feel joyful right away.

If you’re feeling too stressed out, take a quick dancing break ;)

Dancing is a kind of meditation and the BEST therapy ever!

I invite you to DANCE!

What do you like to dance? Can you incorporate 10 minutes of dancing at home? Just turn up the volume to your favorite music and shake it!

Let me know with a comment if you liked this video AND what kind of music do you dance to? Do you also dance in front of the mirror at home?? :)

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