Employee To Business Babe: Exit Your 9-5 in 90 Days Or Less

There’s something inside of you.

Maybe it’s always been there or maybe you’re only just recently starting to hear it. But it’s there, and you can’t ignore it any longer.

It’s telling you that you’re meant for so much more than a “good enough” 9-5.

You know you have more to give.

You know you’re meant to make an impact in this world.

And you’re ready to make it happen.

You’re just having a hard time coming up with a concrete action plan.

So let’s create one.

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Here’s what you’ll walk away with when you join me in my VIP Program:

Employee to Business Babe: Exit Your 9-5 in 90 Days, Or Less!

brandmark_signature_rgb (1) A Solid Success Foundation for Your Business

You’ll get the clarity around your ideal client that’s critical to enrolling your first (or your next!) client with ease and confidence.

brandmark_signature_rgb (1) Your Signature High End Offer

We’ll create your unique signature offer(s) that allow you to command higher prices for your services.
That means you’ll be able to stop trading dollars for hours and start spending more time living your life!

brandmark_signature_rgb (1) Your Compelling Marketing Message

No more chasing down clients! We’ll tailor your messaging to appeal directly to your ideal clients and leave them clamoring to work with you.

brandmark_signature_rgb (1) A Full Calendar of Hot Leads

You’ll put your unique, personalized strategy plan into place so that you can start bringing in clients now, not months down the track!

brandmark_signature_rgb (1) An “Un-sleazy” Sales Technique and Client Handling System

You’ll get my 101 guide to a smooth client care process so that you can keep your clients happy and continue to sell to them through meaningful conversations, not sleazy, cheesy sales talk.

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If you’re ready to get started, it couldn’t be easier. Click on the image below and sign up to schedule your complimentary “Exit Your 9-5″ Strategy Session. This is a value-packed session where together we’ll create your step-by-step action plan and get you on your way to building your business now, even if you’re still working for someone else.


This session is my gift to you. And it’s the first step in your journey from employee to business babe!

You can exit your 9-5 in 90 days or less.

It all starts with this first step.

Much love,