Starting a Business: 3 Common Blocks and How to Overcome Them
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I wanted to share some insights with you today from conversations I’ve been having with women around the world who want to start a business and leave their day jobs. I created this video for you to share my thoughts … Read More

Rough Day? How to Find Comfort When All Feels Lost
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When you’re having a rough day… You know when you have one of those days where everything just seems to go wrong, you get frustrated and angry, you just wanna cry and there’s no affirmation/meditation or positive attitude that’ll help? … Read More

Starting your own business when you have a good enough day job
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The other day I was having a conversation with someone about starting your own business and one of them asked me the following question: “How do you overcome the fear of leaving a safe salary in order to jump into … Read More

Happy Dance – Reggaeton
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  I love me some Reggaeton!   This is what you’ll find me doing when I’m not working as a scientist, coaching clients or working on growing my coaching business….you’ll find me being silly like this hahaha Dancing reggaeton is … Read More

Who are you?
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  I’m in the process of writing my “About” page and was trying to define myself for you to know me better and this came to mind:   I’m a scientist.   I’m a Coach.   I’m a daughter.   … Read More

How to deal with burnout and depression
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“I’m sad”, “I’m exhausted”, “I can’t take it anymore”, “Everything’s just wrong”, “Life sucks”, “Nothing’s fun anymore”, “I don’t feel like doing anything”, etc…..   Does any of that sound familiar?   We’ve all been through rough times and felt … Read More

How to live in balance and feel joyful – Part IV
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Elevate your spirit! Elevate your spirit The spirit is the ultimate and highest part of the being, that which is one with everything. It is all there is, has been and always will be.  The best way to honor your … Read More

How to live in balance and feel joyful – Part III
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Feed your soul! Feed your soul The soul is related to a deeper self, the essence and eternal aspect of your being.  Honouring your soul means keeping true to yourself, to who you really are, understanding your emotions, believing in … Read More

How to live in balance and feel joyful – Part II
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Your body is your temple, honour it! Honour your body The body represents our physical 3-dimensional component. The body you are in was given to you to fully express yourselves in this world and as the instrument it is, it … Read More

How to live in balance and feel joyful – Part I
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We all want to feel at peace and in harmony! For that, we need to acknowledge that we are integral beings comprised of mind, body, soul and spirit. The way our lives develop and manifest is a result of the … Read More