Is this common fear getting in your way?
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Announcement time… I have a new team member! I’ve been wanting (and needing!) to hire a VA (i.e. Virtual Assistant) for a long time now, and I’m so happy to say that it’s finally happened. My new VA’s name is … Read More

Happy New Year!
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  Happy New Year!   Today I have a very quick video to wish you a happy new year. I hope that 2015 was full of many blessings and that 2016 will be your best year so far! I hope … Read More

Happy Dance – Reggaeton
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  I love me some Reggaeton!   This is what you’ll find me doing when I’m not working as a scientist, coaching clients or working on growing my coaching business….you’ll find me being silly like this hahaha Dancing reggaeton is … Read More

Who are you?
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  I’m in the process of writing my “About” page and was trying to define myself for you to know me better and this came to mind:   I’m a scientist.   I’m a Coach.   I’m a daughter.   … Read More

How to deal with burnout and depression
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“I’m sad”, “I’m exhausted”, “I can’t take it anymore”, “Everything’s just wrong”, “Life sucks”, “Nothing’s fun anymore”, “I don’t feel like doing anything”, etc…..   Does any of that sound familiar?   We’ve all been through rough times and felt … Read More

How to love Procrastination
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Trying to overcome procrastination won’t get you anywhere! Here’s why (and how) to love it instead. (Tweet this) How I discovered I was a procrastinator I was so happy when I discovered the word procrastination! I remember it was a … Read More

3 simple tools to get more organized
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Get organized If you are multipassionate like me, you know it can be hard to be focused, do what needs to get done and keep your level of stress to the minimum.  For example in my case, I do a … Read More

How many pomodoros do you need to get in the zone?
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If you have been following me, you know that I am currently at the writing stage of my PhD. Writing can be scary…. I have often felt intimidated and nervous about finally writing my thesis because it tends to look like this huge and burdensome thing … Read More

Are you suffering from the “impostor syndrome”? Try this!
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Have you ever doubted yourself and your capabilities? maybe feel your accomplishments are merely due to good luck , or wondering whether you are really as smart as people think you are? Of course you have!  Well, who hasn’t?  I’m sure … Read More

How to live in balance and feel joyful – Part IV
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Elevate your spirit! Elevate your spirit The spirit is the ultimate and highest part of the being, that which is one with everything. It is all there is, has been and always will be.  The best way to honor your … Read More

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