You can make your dreams happen!

One step at a time.


Dr Victoria Sanchez, Success and Purpose Coach


Do you ever feel like you:

  • need a change in your career path and lifestyle?
  • want to have more free time, but there’s just SO much to do?
  • crave  more joy, freedom and abundance in life?
  • struggle with daily-life stress and burnout at work?
  • secretly yearn for making money doing something you absolutely love?
  • desperately want to express your true self?
  • are totally over with wasting your time and energy in doing something that no longer lights you up?
  • are into personal development, spirituality and inner transformation?
  • are totally ready for transforming your life, letting your light shine brighter and going for your dreams?


Did you answer “Yes” to any of those questions?


Then welcome home lovely!


I can help you with that.


My name is Victoria Sánchez, I’m a Success Coach for highly sensitive, ambitious and creative women.


I help them deal with stress, burnout and depression, feel joyful and abundant, improve their time management, build their dreams while having lots of fun in the process and, ultimately, get exactly what they want which is more balance and success in life.


My passion is to help fascinating and visionary women like you.

After working in Reproductive Medicine and Andrology for over 7 years and getting my doctoral degree, I started this coaching business because I wanted to make a more direct positive impact on other people’s lives.

You see, as a scientist the motivation behind all the work I do has always been that my research on sperm DNA damage is making a scientific contribution that can eventually be used clinically to help infertile couples fulfill their dream of having a baby.

But, as you can imagine, things in science move slow in that there are many years of experimental work before something is incorporated in the clinic and you can actually help people.

A couple of years ago I started having a very strong desire to do something that could make a more direct contribution. As a Coach, I’m able to support my clients as soon as we start working together and I’m able to make a direct contribution to their lives.


Through my 1-on-1 coaching I help women get unstuck and achieve their goals.

Whether that means getting a new job, starting a business of your own, overcoming burnout, or making more time for fun, if you’ve been struggling with your goals and desires and feel like something’s been missing for you, it’s time to claim your complimentary “Exit Your 9-5″ Strategy Session with me.


During this 1-1 phone conversation, we’ll talk about what you really want for your career and what’s currently keeping you stuck.


And then we’ll develop a clear, step-by-step action plan that you can implement right away to start creating the freedom-based business and life of your dreams.


Claim your complimentary Exit Your 9-5 Strategy Session with me HERE



You can think of me as a “Diamond Polisher” because I have the a wonderful ability to get your light to shine through and to shine brighter.


Sometimes you may be feeling like a “diamond in the rough” meaning as someone with great hidden potential.


You know you have so much more within you to express, many great qualities and you have this sense of certainty that you’re meant for doing something much bigger and more meaningful, but maybe you’re feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed with everything you’ve got going on


It’s time to express that untapped potential.


All you need is a little support in the transformation process to get it out.


Just like diamonds in their natural state do not yet display their beauty fully because it’s hidden under a rough appearance, you have amazing great talents and potential within you that are desperately waiting to be expressed.


The hidden beauty of a rough diamond can be revealed after a polishing process.


That’s when I come in, the diamond polisher ;)


From “diamond in the rough” to “shining diamond”.


Usually diamonds undergo a cutting and polishing process before they’re all sparkly.


That’s a great analogy to explain what I do with my coaching clients (of course, not literally cutting and polishing  hahaha, don’t worry).

What I do is help my coaching clients through a mixture of mindset transformation and strategic action.


First, we take a good look into your desires and current blocks, we get clear on what you really want to achieve, define success on your own terms, get rid of what’s no longer serving you; then make a step-by-step action plan to make it happen AND take consistent action.

We build new uplifting routines and habits that’ll help you be more in balance in the long term and craft a lifestyle that’s in alignment with your purpose.


My work has a big emphasis on mindset and self-care because I believe that when you nurture yourself first (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually), you can build your dreams gracefully while feeling peace and joy in the process even when things become challenging.


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If you wanna know more about my background…


– I’ve got a doctoral degree in Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.) which I obtained with “magna cum laude” distinction in 2014 from the University of Münster in Germany. I worked in the fields of Reproductive Medicine and Andrology, specifically my research was focused on the topic of sperm DNA damage.


– I’m a proud graduate from Marie Forleo’s B-School, a world-renowned online business school for modern entrepreneurs.


– I was awarded a german scholarship (DAAD-german service of academic exchange) to do my PhD in 2010.


– I was awarded a scientific prize in 2009 from the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction (a leading scientific and educational institution in Latin America for Assisted Reproduction).


– I’ve got over 15 years of experience dancing Flamenco.


– I speak 3 languages: spanish, english and german.



…And when I’m not Coaching, working as a scientist or working on growing my coaching business, I can be found dancing (most likely Flamenco or Reggaeton); reading, watching or listening to something inspirational; cooking a vegetarian meal; taking a walk at the Aasee lake, my favorite spot in Münster (where I live in Germany); watching series on Netflix or singing and making funny faces to my niece and nephew on FaceTime (they’re in Canada).



And if you wanna know even more, here are some random facts:

– Purple is my favorite color, I own lots of purple stuff.


– I love dolphins. In fact, when I was at the University before deciding on specializing on sperm biology, I volunteered at a cetacean center in Margarita Island in Venezuela where I worked with dolphins.


– I used to bake and sell cakes and cookies when I was at the University (which helped me fund my trip to work with the dolphins hahaha)


– I’m a Flamenco dancer. I started when I was 13 and fell in love with it right away. I danced many years in Flamenco School in my hometown Maracaibo and then also in a spanish group in Münster where I now live. I’ve taught Flamenco and done many live performances group and solo in theaters and private events (you can also hire me for that ;) ).


– I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 14.


– I love sperm. (before you get the wrong sense, let me explain!)….Spermatozoa are my favorite cells. I never stop being fascinated when I look at them under the microscope. Each one of them is the potential of a whole new person and their biology is really fascinating to me. In fact, I did a whole doctoral thesis about them.


– I’m craaaaaaazy about cheese.


– I love to dance, especially Reggaeton :) Daddy Yankee is my favorite Reggaeton star.


– I’m highly sensitive and empathic.


– My astrological sign is Cancer and, if you’re familiar with the enneagram, I’m type number 9 “the peace-maker”.

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